Some client feedback...

Well the Venus cable has been installed into my system now and I have been enjoying it immensely over the past couple of weeks. Knowing by current cabling is of age but good quality I thought I’d try a new interconnect from my audio research pre amp to my Alnic phono stage and the jump in performance was very noticeable .

To say the system has more life and energy would be a good way to describe the improvements, along with a lot more detail, I mean a lot more. Especially inner detail which at first had a slight feeling of reducing the soundstage width, further listening proved this not the case the sound staging was as wide and sharp as ever. Sound stage depth took on another level partly due to the extra inner detail retrieval, vocals sounded more natural and the whole music felt more real, more natural.

Very impressed and I shall be back for the Saturns later.


The Pluto Mk2 cables arrived yesterday. Thank you.

Everything in the Hifi Pig review is true they have totally exceeded my expectations.

Wishing you every success with future sales.


RE:  Heybrook HB3 Crossover refurbishment:

They got here safely and are in their boxes without a hitch, I’ve just connected them and already they are a good 50% better than they were, as you said the mids and hf are particularly pleasant and the bass bloom I used to get has completely disappeared *:-O surprise I can now pick out all the lovely bottom mid detail *:) happy and the bass is so musical.  Highs are glassy and extended and mids are lovely and sweet and them cables really let the music flow, my system now sounds like the best pair of headphones i’ve ever heard but a hell of a lot more airy and they’re not even run in. Room treatment and any other work not necessary now, I am one happy bunny *:D big grin

I cannot thank you enough and in future your site will be my first port of call for anything audio


Loudspeaker Upgrades:  Comments following Full cabinet and crossover upgrades for a customer:

The sound is fantastic, simply breath-taking!  Every sound is done well. I am certainly reaping the benefits of all your research, mathematics, listening and hard work.
And as you predicted Paul, the speakers are extremely revealing of recordings, which is overwhelmingly a good thing.


Finally collected the Venus Interconnects from the Royal Mail this morning

Well I have to admit, they were worth the wait ; a few minutes into Mary Black’s “ Babes in the Wood” showed that . This CD is “difficult”, i.e. very wide dynamic range on Mary’s amazing voice, big acoustic, and natural instruments. I have never heard a cable so superb “straight from the box” , silky smooth , a big drop in distortion/ background noise over my current cable (Chord Anthem I which cost £290  6-7 years ago). The volume can be raised without taking your head off. Yet there is more detail , accuracy, dynamic range  – in the first 20 minutes! Listening to my “absolute reference” – Peter Hurford Organ Works volume 5  (at very high volume), confirmed my initial very favourable impressions.

The Venus Interconnect is amazing in my book in being so good so quickly from first usage, and if I cannot hear any further improvements I will be honest and let you know.

You really do know what you are doing and have an exceptional product in The Venus . You most certainly do deserve to be selling these like hot cakes.

Please continue with your excellent work!!!

I agree with many of your comments on your website, particularly the importance of excellent connectors and Furutech products  (I have a number of their mains plugs).

Keep up the good work, you certainly have my interest.


I already own a Saturn mk 1 between pre-pwr, a Venus between phono stage and pre, and recently I ordered a Mercury for my CDP. Superb build quality as usual from RFC. Fab customer service too. IMO the Mercury is an excellent IC – very similar to the Venus (tho the latter is worth the extra money). With the Mercury, there is plenty detail and resolution (hallmarks of RFC’s ICs) but its not too clinical and tiring like some other ICs. So the listening sessions last for hours
Superb VFM IC.
Just bought a Meridian 504 tuner and immediately ordered another Mercury. Best wishes  for RFC in 2013.

I have recently upgraded my system and last on the list was  to upgrade my old silver cables. After testing a few of the ‘big guns’ I had narrowed down my list to: Furutech References (£1150), LFD’s (£1000), Atlas Mavros (£800) and Chord Co Indigos (£1000). The best I had heard were the Furutech Flux at £2000 a pair, but as I needed 3 sets….you get my drift! One thing I had learned from my cable search is that when you get to a certain price point  (c£700), you are not really seeing improvements in cables any more, just different presentations from cable to cable. The exception to this rule was the Furutech Flux’s which were audibly (slightly) better than the rest. A friend passed me on to Paul at RFC so I had a pair of Reference Venus (£300) sent out. Wow! I was blown away. This cable lost absolutely nothing to the others I had been auditioning. In fact I would say that they were so close to the Furutech References at £1150 that I don’t think you could tell the difference in blind listening. The Venus was airy, dynamic with a very pure top end and very impressive tight but tuneful bass. Finding a cable that is massively detailed without sounding harsh or bright is virtually impossible, but the Venus pulled this off by being noticeably more detailed than the Atlas, Chord and LFD’s but without tipping my system over the edge into brightness (I use Triangle speakers that can sound bright if there is a weak link in the chain). I was so impressed that I ordered another pair of the Venus the same day and then Paul made me a custom cable for my Dac which was equally impressive. In short, within a week I had replaced all of my cables. RFC’s service is second to none. Everything arrived the following day as promised. Packaged well and the build quality of the cables is up there with the very best. I wish him well and my advice would be to get in quick as these cables are ridiculously cheap for what they are…..and that can’t last forever!! To summarize, you’re getting a £1000 product for £300, it’s a bit of a no-brainer. Thanks again RFC

I received the (Reference Digital) cable this morning and have had a few hours listening…..cos I couldnt turn it off. Absolutely stunning. The bass takes a while to get used too as it is so tight and tuneful. It has brought the sound of the dac out too. Very similar results to the (Reference Venus) phono cables. Thanks again


After running in the (Reference Neptune) cables and extensive listening I can say I am very impressed with my headphone set up. The bottom end has tightened up superbly… …the cables you made me have without doubt vastly improved the sound. The QED reference cables I originally used gave a slight hum at high levels, using your cable with nothing playing and turned up to full volume it is completely silent, I sometimes think it is not turned on.
Thanks for your expert help.
I just need to stop listening to some of the time.

I have owned a set of (Reference Venus) these for a week now, i’m not a hifi reveiwer and frankly can’t be ar*ed spouting all the usual *ollocks, so i’ll just say these cables are utterly stunning at twice the price RFC sells them for.

More detail than I have ever heard in my system before, and the Venus IC’s HAVE ENHANCED the musicality greatly.

This is arguably the best hifi purchase I have ever made regarding performance/value for money.


Big thank you and

recommendation for RFC, same day turn around on my job (custom cable work). Great communications and immediate

refund when I paid too much !. 

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read so many good things about RFC, particularly on some of the Hifi forums, and having been impressed with

some of the RFC blogs (!) for their no-nonsense, educated and interesting articles on cables and hifi

interest, I thought why not try a set of the new Mercury cables which use the Eichmann Bullet connectors (a

particular favourite of mine).  I don’t profess to being a cable “believer” but do appreciate quality and am

prepared to support our own UK hifi industry.

They arrived within a few days of ordering, and the build quality

out of the box was exemplary. They were more substantial than I had expected, but still quite flexible.  These

were to replace my Pre to power amp leads (which cost double what the Mercury IC’s cost).  Lets just say that

the improvement wasn’t subtle.  There was a definite lower noise floor and bass response especially seemed

improved.  The slightly graininess of the upper registers that I’d previously attributed to my TT cartridge

had gone, completely.  All in all, the sound was more balanced, the detail was better and the bass response

was more defined (ie had greater texture).  I can’t explain the science, but I can say here and now that these

leads demonstrated what I had been missing all these months.

Fabulous service Mr RFC (Paul?), fabulous leads

and you have converted a “non believer” with your down to earth approach, the quality of your products and the

incredible value for   what are quite obviously well designed leads assembled with craftsmanship quality at

incredibly reasonable prices.  I know where to come in future when I need more!  (may even jump in and

purchase a lovely set of Reference Venus leads!)


After buying mostly “XXXXX” Company cables (no

names!!) for my systems for many years I grew more and more disappointed with their stuff regarding value for

money, especially since they’ve changed their connectors from metal to plastic and had the audacity to tell us

that it’s an upgrade……hmmmm.

So I decided to give RFC a punt.

Having sent Paul an email telling him my

requirments, he emailed me early the next morning with advice on the perfect combination of cable and

connector for my budget.
My new cable was made and delivered in less than a week and the quality is the best

i’ve seen.  A great company and a great service and it’s highly unlikely that I will every bother with the

more commercial cable manufacturers from now on. Many thanks Paul.


“Received my 2nd pair of Venus interconnects


As before they exude quality. Thick / Flexible / Weighty / Stunning finish………..such a shame

they get hidden behind my rack.

My first set (which Ive owned for about a month) is connected from my CD player

to my Pre amplifier, very nice and immediate upgrade over the existing interconnect. Was that impressed within

days I placed an order for a 2nd pair!
I received and installed the 2nd pair of Venus interconnects

yesterday……………..OMG!!! Where the hell has that bigger sound-stage and bass come from??????????????

The first pair made an immediate and noticeable difference however the addition of the 2nd pair has multiplied

upon the already positive effects.

I’m not one for normally writing reviews and find it difficult to use words

to express what I’m hearing……however…… Compared to my previous rca interconnects that I was using the

difference is VERY impressive. The addition of the Venus’s has created a much more 3 dimensional sound-stage

that is now both deeper and wider than before. Bass has gained more weight without becoming bloated and wobbly

and everything just has ‘more meat on the bones’. I’m now hearing more details than ever before. They just let

everything flow; my guess is that my previous rca interconnects (that were purchased from maplins) where

actually somehow inhibiting and now the Venus’s are in place my system and signal can just flow full bore.

10/10 for service, communications and product.”


“I put the Hyperions between an Audio Research

CD5 and LS17; I did notice a slight tightening of the bass, but what was most welcome was a definite reduction

in sibilance that I sometimes notice. They seemed to be very even and don’t exaggerate any part of the replay

and honestly, I’m loathe to take them out again.

Thanks very much “


I bought the LP puck and the RCA Mercurys for

my Pro-Ject 1XpressionIII and now the vinyl combination sounds marvelous! As before the build quality and the

customer service are a top notch. Previously the cables that have impressed the most have been Tara Labs Air 1

& 2 series interconnects and speaker cables and Paul´s Reference Digital. Now the Mercury RCA is a part of

that very short list of cables that have truly rocked my system. I´m VERY impressed.”


Ok, so let’s cut to the chase, I’m sat here listening to Natalie Merchant and the 10,000 Maniacs. Somehow she’s ended up in my lounge, no idea how she obtained my address:) Really,

These cables are new and have only been in situ for an hour, but wow, the different in realism is magical. I’m not new to hi-end cables, having owned some pretty expensive wires from Nordost, Chord, Kimber et al, but the Venus IC is incredibly resolving of fine detail, timbre, and yes, transparency (in that you can ‘see through’ the notes). But IMHO, it’s the increase in the presence of musical ‘nuances’ which are so difficult to articulate that is responsible for the crazily stupid grin on my little old face.

Would I buy more of these (and other) cables from you? Absolutely, yes!

Good customer service? No! Brilliant, the best I’ve had in over 25 years of buying hifi (great comms, frequent updates, a discount because of unusual delays out of your control, working solid on my order so that I, impatient as ever, received it today).

Superb products and excellent technical abilities? Yes the quality of the cables is amazing, the sheathing etc is all top notch. Audio jewellery as some might say.

And without doubt, the best VFM products I’ve owned. 



“Digital cable arrived today so I can finally

get rid of that RCA to BNC converter I was using.  They’re beautifully made and of outstanding quality, an

absolute credit to you at RFC!”


“I bought a 1.5m pair of RFC’s Reference

Mercury interconnects after reading good things about RFC’s leads and couldn’t be happier that I did!  The

difference to sound in my system over my old (expensive) leads was simply stunning! Incredible detail, a good

improvement in bass depth and clarity and in soundstage focus.  I now intend to rewire my entire system with

RFC’s cables and all my other leads will be sold.  Fantastic leads, fantastic comms, fantastic service.

Incredible value for such quality and performance.  Well done RFC!”


Just a quick heads up to let you know the xovers arrived safe and sound.
All looking very nice and neat!
I’ll drop you another email in a few days when I’ve had a chance to install them and listen to some music.

Thanks for doing the job so quickly and for all your help and advice Paul. I hope you continue to have success with your business, you have been so helpful and you definitely deserve it.
I have already highly recommended you to my good friend who also has Eatons ( we bought four s/h between us along with a quadraphonic B&0 amp in the eighties! )
He is very interested to hear them with the new xovers so you may have some more business coming your way.

Many thanks


Well, all arrived at lunchtime and all is re-installed: you could even have had another 2mm on the Clarity.  First impressions are very good, to the extent that I am now critical of the recording quality rather than the playback system.  This is probably a sign that it is the right time to stop with upgrading the hardware.  Some of the new 24 bit high resolution downloads sound really very good indeed but one needs also to remember that some of the best music-making is recorded very poorly and still needs to be enjoyed.  I am also relieved that I got the speakers back together without any real difficulty, and my soldering has definitely improved!
Alas I do not have much time to savour it over the next fortnight, or indeed during most of June, but I shall give you a report after I have had a suitable time to appreciate it.
In the meantime, thank you for all your advice, patience and skilled work.  You saved me spending money in the wrong places and I am confident I now have a well-balanced and appreciable upgrade to give another twenty years’ life to my investment in the power amps and the speakers in the late 1980’s, which can’t be bad.

Custom Tannoy HPD Crossovers: 
Hi Paul
All in and running. Difference is subtle but significant. Pretty much as you described but the overall effect is a real naturalness. My only real hesitation about the Lyngdorf was a slight glassiness at the very high end, that seems to have gone away. A shade more detail despite it being less forward in the treble (don’t know how you did that!).
Anyway I’m supremely happy with these speakers now, this was the icing on the cake. A few experiments with amps to come but that’s out of curiosity as much as anything.
Really appreciated, Paul, as always.



When I first acquired my Roksan Darius speakers they were fantastic at some things, and rather rubbish at others. Being hard to drive, I also managed to blow them up with a violent DC rush when my amp went unstable. Fried X-overs, blown tweeters and seized main drivers, they were a complete write-off. Having been impressed with (RFC) Paul’s diligence and zeal over cable dealings, I asked him if he’d resurrect and optimise my crippled Darius. He kindly agreed.

The journey that followed is too complex to describe here, but suffice it to say that the end result is sensational. Paul worked incredibly hard at getting them right, despite having no original values or plans to work from to say nothing of the Xovers’ very unconventional design (the Xovers turned out to be unoriginal, so even Roksan couldn’t help).

After Paul completed the lion’s share of the work they went to their original designer, Touraj Moghaddam, now of Vertere, for his particular main driver cone-modifications and one or two other personal tweaks. The results are mindblowingly good.  I have no desire to ever change my speakers. This project would in no way have been possible without Paul’s huge care and attention. And his bill was incredibly reasonable. I cannot thank him enough.