Hifi Turntable Services

Hifi turntable servicing, set up and upgrades

Turntable Services

Hifi turntable services from Reference Fidelity Components. Your turntable is a precision instrument and like all precision instruments takes careful setting up and looking after to get the best from your LP collection.

The risks associated with misalignment of cartridges, tonearms or incorrect tracking and anti-skate forces include record wear and irreparable record damage, damage to the sylus, poor performance and just a plain poor sounding source!

At RFC we have many years experience in turntable set-up and our services range from turntable repair, where parts are still available, to fitting and correct set-up of tonearms and cartridges. We can also supply custom built low capacitance screened phono cables to connect to your phonostage and where possible, installation of 5-pin male DIN sockets on tonearm bases to allow the fitment of a cable of your choice.


  • Cartridge fitting and set-up including accurate cartridge alignment
  • Tonearm fitment and set-up
  • Basic turntable servicing including re-oiling of bearings and replacement of worn parts
  • Provision of custom phono cabling and fitment of tonearm DIN plugs or RCA sockets where possible


  • For fitment of all cartridges, including accurate alignment and testing = £25
  • Fitment of tonearm (where mounts are already provided) and set-up with cartridge = £50 – £75 depending on tonearm
  • Basic TT service – strip, check and reassemble including fresh oil to main bearing and full cartridge realignment = £100
  • (Excluding cost of replacement parts where necessary)
  • Phono cables from as little as £40/m

Don’t worry if you cannot get to us as we can provide courier services to pick up and drop off your turntable, providing that you can package it very carefully and that you accept the risk of carriage accordingly. We recommend double boxing and plenty of bubble-wrap!

To book your TT in for cartridge fitment or service, please use the CONTACT US pages.