Reference Pluto MkII


RCA Interconnect Cable

RCA Male to RCA Male

Custom lengths available

Sold as a stereo pair

Full description and features below

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Our mid range high quality RCA interconnect that meets the needs of most of today’s systems, this multi-award winning interconnect is probably the best sub-£150 interconnect on the market today.  It competes with cables costing many times more than its modest price tag might suggest so don’t let the budget price tag put you off…it is our best selling RCA interconnect for good reason!  These have won an on-line review site’s first ever “outstanding product” award ever.  Comments from the reviewers included:

“These are the best cables that I have heard at any price”

“…overall presentation and magically immersive sound stage will have many people trading in their more expensive cables for a pair”



KLE Harmony Silver plated pure OFC RCA plug

  • New KLE (Keith Louis Eichmann) Harmony Silver plated Pure Copper RCA
  • Signal/ground pin optimisation to enhance electron flow in accordance with KLE’s signal/ground formula
  • Signal/ground pins now much stronger than the original bullet plug design
  • Signal/ground Anti-Short shield has been added between internal contacts
  • Signal/ground pins have been arranged to maintain a maximised distance from each other ensuring that capacitance, inductive effects and EMF effects are minimised
  • Head assembly jaw structure has been re-designed and mechanically improved to allow easy snap-like connection with the RCA socket allowing the ultimate in electrical connectivity yet easy removal
  • Ground pin includes threaded teeth so that where the optional metal housing is used, it provides a fully shielded star-earthed electrical connection
  • Improved strain relief via new 2-screw cable retention system
  • Extremely high temperature melting point polymer housing


  • Furutech alpha treated 20 AWG μOFC single core conductor coax utilising foamed polyethylene dielectric for low capacitance which helps maintain detail and upper frequency performance
  • Cable construction includes good damping to minimise microphonic effects
  • Twin shielded in an outer PB free flexible PVC 6.3mm sheath and finished with a polyester weave protective outer jacket: Shielding is very high quality dense braid OFC treated with the Furutech Alpha process. It helps eliminate RFI and EMI interference

Interconnect Characteristics

  • Capacitance = 65pF/m
  • Ultra pure copper conductors: RCA plugs and cable
  • Dense braided low impedance shielding/Mylar foil RFI shielding
  • Low dielectric constant foamed polyethylene insulation
  • Flexible
  • Fabulous electrical connectivity by design