Reference Neptune


RCA Interconnect Cable

RCA Male to RCA Male

Custom lengths available

Sold as a stereo pair

Full description and features below

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Using the same cable as our award winning Pluto interconnect, the Reference Neptune uses durable and fully screened high quality Furutech connectors. It offers a high quality and affordable interconnect that fits well with most of todays systems, even highly revealing systems and offers great durability for all you box-swappers out there! Great signal integrity and minimising of signal distortion ensures a very transparent and dynamic presentation rich in detail.


  • α (Alpha) OCC Conductor centre pin with Copper alloy body and Fluoropolymer low loss dielectric insulation. Great conductivity
  • Non-magnetic body for ensuring signal integrity, highly conductive non tarnish contacts with a high quality Gold plating. Fluoropolymer low loss dielectric insulation between signal core and main barrel for minimising capacitance effects
  • Furutech alpha treated 20 AWG μOFC single core conductor coax utilising foamed polyethylene dielectric for low capacitance which helps maintain detail and upper frequency performance
  • Cable construction includes good damping to minimise microphonic effects
  • Twin shielded in an outer PB free flexible PVC 6.3mm sheath and finished with a polyester weave protective outer jacket: Shielding is very high quality dense braid OFC treated with the Furutech Alpha process. It helps eliminate RFI and EMI interference