Reference Hyperion


XLR Interconnect Cable

3 pin XLR Male to 3 pin XLR Female

Custom lengths available

Full description and features below

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The Reference Hyperion is our most affordable mid-range high quality XLR interconnect. It uses the highly regarded Klotz Quadflex cable and quality Furutech FP700/701 XLR connectors to provide a fabulous quality and affordable high performance XLR interconnect. These can be used over very long lengths without fear of signal degradation and the excellent fitting and durable Furutech plugs are engineered for great electrical contact and long life. Beware cheap imitations. These are where high quality and high performance meets affordability.


  • Uses the excellent Klotz Quadflex (formerly Starquad) shielded cable. This is a low noise low capacitance cable which maintainsfull bandwidth performance without loss of high frequency detail
  • Furutech quality FP701/02 XLR plugs, great connector conductivity housed in a high quality snug fitting XLR body, a cut above most other budget end XLR connectors
  • This cable represents stunning value in a quality low noise balanced XLR interconnect!
  • Large amounts of copper wire are used in a double counter wound spiral Reusen screen encasing 4 twisted signal conductors to balance out capacitive effects. The signal conductors include generous amounts of copper to minimise long length losses. Encased in a tough PVC jacket. Colour Black. Diameter 6.5 mm. Capacitance (signal to ground) 107pF/m; 19 x 0.127 OFC in 0.24mm2 signal cores
  • XLR: Eutectic cast copper alloy α (Alpha) center pin; Copper alloy body and PBT plus fibreglass insulation