Black Rhodium Twist


Loudspeaker cable

Termination options:
Gold Plated Z-plugs
Gold Plated Spade terminals

Various length between 2m and 10m depending on termination
Custom lengths available  PLEASE NOTE:  When ordering, if for example you need a 2m TERMINATED pair, select 2m from the drop down menu before selecting terminations required. If you require non-equal length pairs, please use the Contact page to specify before placing your total length order.  If you require cut cable (unterminated) please simply enter the TOTAL LENGTH needed and select the unterminated selection in the drop-down menu.

You can specify longer lengths too by using the contact page to place your order (an invoice will be generated for you in that event)

Sold as a stereo pair

Full description and features below

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Multi-award winning speaker cables from the Black Rhodium stable, we have something here for everyone from those on a tight budget to those looking for something a little more exclusive. All of our speaker cables are available as cut lengths and sold by the meter or as fully terminated pairs. For full details of all Black Rhodium cables shown, please follow the links on the speaker cable pages.


  • 0.75mm tinned copper conductors covered in an extra thick Silicon Rubber insulating jacket to keep conductor spacing wide enough to keep capacitance relatively low (measured capacitance 90pF/m).
  • Impedance is 25 Ohms/Km or 0.025 ohms/m meaning that this cable is suitable for all but the most demanding speaker loads.
  • eg:  for a typical 6 ohm speaker load, loop resistance of the Twist cable is low enough in impedance to manage up to 6m per side lengths whilst remaining within 5% of speaker load (recommended).