Well, we say “new” but actually have been building these for over a year now to custom order and they have proved so popular that we have decided to add them to our product list to advertise them more widely. We are in fact on the “Mk2” version which incorporates a choice of bases and improved flared port design over the Mk1.

These are based upon the original Tannoy version but sound bang up to date with improved bass response (something owners of the original have been crying out for, for years!) and have far less cabinet coloutration thanks to RFC’s proprietary CPD principles of cabinet design. CPD design simply means producing panels which behave like a whole array of different sized panels thanks to internal bracing design, along with the use of very efficient modern iso-elastomer panel damping to vastly reduce cabinet colouration. It does this by splitting up both resonance frequencies and reducing amplitude of those frequencies such that they lie far below program threshold sound. This, together with the high quality externalised (internal provided upon request) p-t-p crossovers results in high resolution very clean sound which gets the very best from the drive units. Here are some currently in production:

Mk1 RFC Cheviots insitu within customer’s listening room

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