RFC Rubato Loudspeakers

 The new RFC Rubato is a medium sized stand mount loudspeaker with some remarkable qualities.  Firstly, it is based upon a new production 6.5 inch coaxial loudspeaker.  This comprises a central silk dome tweeter in its own wave guide horn loaded section, utilising a neodymium magnet.  The tweeter is coaxially mounted within a 6.5 inch midwoofer giving a true point source image, both phase and time aligned.

The cabinet is a beautifully crafted high quality veneered Baltic birch ply enclosure which houses the high quality crossover.  It is front port loaded for exceptional bass extension for its size and ease of placement.  This makes for a rigid low colouration cabinet, internally damped and braced also housing the internal point to point hand assembled crossover, designed by RFC to achieve a low distortion phase correct and linear response.

The Rubato exhibits superb smooth off axis controlled directivity to 60 degrees free of the usual polar response waists for a smooth stable off axis image.  It is a highly musical loudspeaker with exceptional imaging abilities allowing the speakers to disappear whilst throwing a broad and deep sound stage. 

This little speaker offers quite remarkable performance with useful bass to 42 Hz and can be used nearfield thanks to the point source imaging as well as far field for conventional home hifi use.  Sensitivity is excellent at close on 90dB/1w/1m and it is an easy benign amplifier load with a nominal 8 Ohm load (easy to drive).


Part of the design brief for this loudspeaker was to create a true high fidelity standmount which doesn’t break the bank and in this, we think we’ve achieved that.  It benefits from remarkable clarity and detail yet without being fatiguing on extended listening.  The bass performance is quite remarkable for its size, which will mean for most people, a sub will not be necessary.  Think of compact floor stander’s performance from a mid sized stand mount and it competes very well with just about anything comparable on the market today. 

Quality, as with all RFC loudspeakers is evident from the outset, from the hand finished veneers to the quality binding posts and back plates and you are in no doubt of the quality of the substantial 12kg cabinets designed for a lifetime of listening pleasure.

Around the back, you’ll find the main silver finished engraved name plate complete with high quality gold plated chunky single set of binding posts, easy to securely affix standard 4mm banana plugs or most types of spade connectors together with the free space measurement graph for the speaker.



Two way front ported stand mount;

 Frequency response:  42Hz-19KHz

Sensitivity:  Approx 90dB/1w/1m

Nominal Impedance:  8 Ohms

Minimum Impedance:  6 Ohms

Crossover:  Hybrid 2nd/4th order, low distortion, point to point construction utilising quality poly caps throughout

Crossover frequency:  2.4 KHz 

Recommended amplification:  15w to 150wpc, any amplifier topology including single ended valve amplifiers

Max power handling:  Woofer  240wpc;  tweeter:  150wpc

Dispersion:  60 degrees either side of axis, ultra smooth polar response for a true cardioid response

Size:  Approx 400h x 300d x 240w

Mass:  10Kg/cabinet

 Price:  £2,000per pair (Standard Oak finish), £1,950 (lacquered birch), £2,500 for all custom paint colours (customer specified) and ££2,950 for high build Piano Gloss Black pairs.  Please contact us to place an order or to arrange a demonstration