Stunning legacy speaker which builds upon the original Tannoy Cheviot but offered here in a larger and improved Birch Ply cabinet using optimised twin flared ports for better room integration, more accurate tuning and deeper bass response.  Finished in a variety of real wood veneers.  Want the looks of the original but don’t have space for larger speakers?  These should do nicely as their footprint is only slightly larger than the originals at 460 wide by 310 deep but they are taller (no stands needed) and some 30% greater by volume.  This is important as it liberates much better and wider frequency response with improved bass performance and you can be assured that no sub woofer is needed!  Well suited to most musical genres, elegant in appearance and built to very high standards, employing RFC’s CPD (constrained panel design) utilising multiple internal bracing and exceptionally stiff and well damped front baffles for very clean sound with minimal cabinet colourations.

These are proving to be very popular and for most, these will prove to be a final destination speaker at a very affordable price, especially compared with any of the competition!

Please note that prices do not include the drive units themselves as most people supply donor units from their current speakers or buy used drivers which we can then rebuild for you if required.

 Prices for custom RFC Cheviot cabinets start at £4,500 per pair.  Prices for externalised crossovers start at a very reasonable £1450 per pair including full plug and play wiring kit and high quality veneered enclosures including all connectors and fittings needed.  That’s less than many pairs of interconnects costs these days!