Reference Fidelity Components


Reference Fidelity Components is a small and friendly family run UK based company offering specialist HiFi services and products.  We  aim to provide superb customer service and provide a wide range of products and services ranging from our affordable & award winning audio interconnect cables to design and manufacture of stunning loudspeakers to our own design, plus we offer hifi accessories specifically for the discerning audiophile and music lover.  We provide rarely found loudspeaker refurbishment and design services including specialist passive crossover design, refurbishment, design consultancy services, turntable set up and servicing.  Paul, the owner of the company, has a background which includes 25 years spent in the professional engineering field.  He is passionate about music,  high fidelity playback and the standards needed to achieve that.

Those standards are carried over into each and every product.  Our range of meticulously constructed cables include hifi interconnects suitable for use in the most revealing of systems and are sure to satisfy the needs of even the most demanding of hifi enthusiasts.  Our loudspeakers are the result of pains-taking research & design and meticulous attention to detail and sound every bit as good as they look!

We are specialists in Vintage Tannoy loudspeakers and offer a full range of loudspeaker services for Tannoy speakers from provision of arguably the very best external crossovers available anywhere world-wide, provision of cabinet upgrading and refurbishment, existing crossover refurbishment and upgrading and new cabinet design and manufacture.

Paul is always more than happy to offer unbiased advice should you have any technical queries or require assistance with system queries.

Bespoke cables

Our range of cables is small and we like to think perfectly formed, but for those requiring something a little different our bespoke cable making service will design and construct your cable to your own exacting standards, which when allied with our painstaking attention to detail will give you a product that is truly world class.

So what’s in a cable?
More importantly, what do you need to know in order to make an informed choice?  Some basic information has been provided under Design of Interconnects to assist you with your choice.  This is seldom done by most manufacturers, but is important for those who want to know the difference between cable types and assemblies

We produce the RFC Canterbury which can accurately be described as a “final destination” loudspeaker, offering truly epic performance, looks and hand-crafted to the highest possible standards without any compromises in construction or finish.  It is a truly remarkable loudspeaker offering unparalleled cabinet stiffness, uncoloured, full frequency sound.  We also produce the Reference Rhapsody and Raptor loudspeakers which are again superlatively engineered for an unforgettable musical experience, allowing a very transparent window on music without ever becoming fatiguing.  The quality of the cabinets is second to none and drive units and crossover components are selected and hand matched to within less than 1% tolerance.  We also design and have manufactured some of our own special ultra low distortion inductors for use within the crossovers.  The most remarkable thing about any of our loudspeakers is the price.   You cannot buy loudspeakers that are made to or perform to the same standards commercially without paying between three and four times the price.

HiFi Furniture
RFC can also provide you with bespoke high quality hifi furniture, be that a plinth for your turntable, acrylic covers, equipment racks or loudspeaker stands.  Our products are top quality furniture grade carefully built by expert cabinet makers and craftsmen and are available in a large choice of quality timbers and finishes. You could be pleasantly surprised at just how little this costs and can rest assured that you will receive a top quality piece of functional furniture not available on the high street and made to your exact specifications.  Our in-house design services make sure that whilst you are involved in the process, that we do all the hard work!  Prices from as little as £200 for speaker stands, from £350 upwards for TT plinths and prices for racks vary according to size and the number of tiers.   Our products are also designed with isolation in mind so won’t just look stunning, they’ll offer fantastic performance too!