We’re delighted to annount the launch of the long awaited (planned) new stand mount from Reference Fidelity Components, the “Rubato” stand mount speaker.  After months in the planning and prototyping, this remarkable little speaker is now ready for production having undergone a series of tests, post design, to satisfy us that it meets the RFC standards expected of a high quality stand mount.

So what is it and what makes it special? It’s a mediun sized hifgh quality two way standmount using a high quality, high sensitivity 6.5″ coaxial drive unit which houses a treated silk dome tweeter centrally in its own motor enclosure with horn waveguide, providing a seamless integration with the midwoofer for a true passive cardioid point source response. 

The cabinet is made from quality 3/4 inch thick Baltic Birch Ply, with an oiled veneer finish, available in Oak, Walnut or Ash finishes and comes fitted with high quality binding posts fitted to the rear nameplate panel which gives the loudspeaker specifications.

The cabinet is front port loaded using a quality flared port for efficient room air impedance coupling which is thankfully free of any poert chuffing associated with cheaper designs.  This loading gives an impressive response in free space to 42Hz (-6dB industry standard) or up to 42Hz flat if place close to a rear wall.

The response is super smooth and linear with a wide but controlled 60 degree off axis directivity ensuring ease of placement.  The crossover is seamless and set at 3KHz electrical (about 2500Hz acoustic) for a stable stereo image width and superior image depth thanks to true time alignment of the drive units.

It has been voiced very naturally having a slight lf to hf dip in a furnished room equating to close on flat anechoically.  The crossover is a high quality hand assembled point to point construction using a hybrid 2nd/4th order design which ensures a clean, low distortion well integrated hf.  Parts are all high quality using capacitors from Claritycap and Jantzen, Jantzen air core inductors for the hf and a low distortion, very low dcr cored bass inductor.  Resistors are kept to a minimum and are high quality wirewounds.

The rigid high mass cabs are internally panel  damped and include acoustic foam to reduce unwanted internal reflections.  Externally, they come equipped with high end gold plated banana plugs with chunky screw down posts which will accept 4mm banana plugs, spades or bare wire.

One of the less demanding aspects of these speakers is that they are designed to be easy to place thanks tio the controlled directivity and to be easily driven.  Any competently designed amplifier from 10 or 15 watts per channel upwards will drive them which is unusualy for a comact speaker as the trade off with size is usually efficiency.  Not so these with their 90dB/1w/1m sensitivity.  The crossover design means that even single ended amps will have no difficulty in driving them although they come alive with more watts which inevitably are needed with any design to handle power sapping transients.  Thanks to a high unclipped low distortion output exceeding 110dBA capability, they will happily drive large as well as more compact rooms with relative ease.


Please contact us if you wish to learn more or would like to arrange an audition.